Learn to Differentiate Between Beach Towels and Bath Towels

Learn to Differentiate Between Beach Towels and Bath Towels

First of all, we must be clear about the differences between bath towels and large beach towels to know what we will do with each of them. The formula is simple. The towels you use after your shower will always be in the bathroom and are meant to dry you off. They are timeless; you can use them in any season, although some prefer to change them with the seasons.

Beach towels are accessories that you use during the summer - and perhaps in the spring. They not only serve to dry you off after a swim in the pool or beach but also to lie on them. In fact, there are many uses that you can find: a blanket, pillow, or to cover you while you walk on the beach.

If you take a bath towel to the beach, the sun, sand, and salt can ruin the delicate fabric. On the other hand, if you use the large beach towel at home, you will be surprised that they are not so absorbent. Let's see in more detail what the differences are between the two.

Size of towels

With the variety of uses for large beach towels, it is easy to understand why they are larger. It is an accessory with multiple purposes, even to attract attention where it is used.

These towels are exposed to adverse conditions: salt, sand, water, grass, so they have to be more resistant. In addition, it is possible to find extra large beach towels for more than one person to throw on them.

In the case of bath towels, they are large enough to dry and cover you after showering. Fibers can be damaged quickly if you subject them to the same conditions as beach fibers.


The towels that you use every day are denser than those for the beach. This helps make them more absorbent and helps you dry faster. The beach ones are much thinner, their absorption capacity is lower, but the fabric dries faster and weighs less than the others. Lightweight beach towels are easy to transport thanks to these features. Microfiber towels that have these properties

are also used for the beach: lighter and quicker to remove.


When you look closely at each of these accessories, you will realize that they also look different. The colors and designs used in each of them are very particular. Those that are used for the beach usually have bright tones and patterns that evoke nature.

In addition, they look different on both sides. One side is more absorbent, and the other is softer and is treated so that the sand does not get between the fibers.

Bath towels are generally monochromatic and are used to complement bathroom decor. There are very soft fabrics, but you have to know how to take care of them to maintain that texture.

Beach towels are designed for summer. So what could you do with them in the cold months, if not save them until next year?

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