Microfiber Towel Ideal for Holidays!

We have been travelling with a quick-dry towel for years. Super easy for on vacation. These microfiber towels take up little space, dry quickly and smell less quickly. At home, we also use them for going to the pool or to the gym. We have a number of beach towels. They have been around for years and are therefore of very good quality. 

Microfiber Towels for the Holiday

What is the difference between a quick-dry towel and a regular towel?

Quick-drying towels are made of microfibre, not cotton. This makes them, as the name suggests, dry quickly. This is very useful when you are travelling, because after taking a shower you may have to catch the bus. The better brands of beach towels dry in 15 minutes if you hang them in the wind; in the sun even faster.

These towels will not stink or mould. They have been specially treated to kill bacteria. If you still have no other option than to pack it wet, a hand wash is sufficient to make your travel towel smell clean again.

Another big advantage of a microfiber towel is that it is a lightweight towel. Where a normal towel quickly weighs a few hundred grams, these towels are much lighter. They are also very compact and therefore take up little weight and space. Very nice when, like us, you often travel by plane and then fly with only hand luggage. The accommodation usually does have towels, but you are not supposed to bring them with you during the day. Now we have a nice compact towel that we use when we go to a water park or the beach. Or when our daughter has found a nice water playground or fountain and gets nice and wet there.

What does a good microfiber towel meet?

First of all, it is important to see what a good microfiber towel meets. There are a number of properties necessary to qualify a microfiber towel as good. Read below the most important properties of a good towel.

Fast drying

It is, of course, useful to have a quick-drying towel when you travel. Nobody wants to push a wet towel back into the rest of the luggage.


Furthermore, it is not intended that a towel is heavy. For a backpacker or airline passenger, it is important that all gear is as light as possible. That is why it is important to take a lightweight towel with you when travelling. Microfiber is extremely light.

Nice and recognizable design

It is also not unimportant that the towel has a beautiful appearance. You would prefer to come up with a nice copy for those holiday photos. A striking towel can also be useful. That way, you can always recognize him.

Handy format

It is also advisable that the towels are not too big so that even more luggage can be taken on a trip. For in your backpack, the advice is to buy at least two sizes: a small towel for quick drying and a large one for the beach or pool.

Tip: Wash the towel once before use, then it absorbs better water!

The microfiber towel-dried perfectly and smelled nice. After washing, they actually came out of the washing machine almost dry again. We had now opted for a larger size, for it to be dry in the open air. We took the towel to various swimming lessons while exercising and used it intensively for two weeks during a vacation. After that period, the towel looked exactly the same as it did at the beginning, with no visible signs of use.

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