Beach towels: More than just towels

 If something is clear, it is that the towels we use on the beach are not the same as the towels we all have in our bathroom. But how exactly are they different, and why is this so?

The beach towels are thinner, but stronger though. Its less dense fabric, and different on each of its faces, provides, on the one hand, absorption and on the other, protection against sand, so that it does not get stuck between the fibers. They are lighter than the bathroom ones, and of much more variable size: there are individual ones (medium, large...) or for more than one person. Because, apart from drying you off with it, (which few really do) its main function is to lie on it. Keep isolated from the sand, preventing it from sticking to wet skin.

While bath towels are terry cloth, beach towels are usually microfiber. Lighter, and somewhat less absorbent. But more resistant to the sun, as well as to water and salt.

The beach towels, as well as lying surface, are also used as matching, or to provide privacy for changing clothes. But their use does not end with summer: use them also in winter, as a blanket (for the bed, or for the sofa while watching a good movie), as a pillow (well folded), even as a play surface for children. The latter is especially recommended if the towel has a nice print. With flowers, fish, starfish or any other motive, they will awaken the curiosity and fantasy of the little ones, who will use the beach towel as a play blanket for the interior of the house.

Towels are also a hygiene item. Its use became widespread from the 19th century, although as early as the 2nd century the women of the Roman court dried their bodies after bathing with a piece of cotton.

Whether in gyms, saunas... the use of a towel is more than recommended, allowing preserving cleanliness and also privacy.

In some places in Asia, they use small cotton towels as neckerchiefs or to cover the body.

The “Turkish towel” also called “Tunisian fouta" is a cotton towel with a special fabric that makes it softer and more absorbent. They are woven on semi-automatic looms and are not only used as towels, they are also used as dresses, by men and women.

Currently, you can even use this type of clothing as a cover for your sofa, it is very comfortable!

As you can see, towels are much more than a bathing suit used to dry your body. They can be put to multiple uses, and even more so to the versatile and colorful beach towels, with their cheerful summer prints and their soft and light texture.

Of course, so that they remain as the first day, do not forget to wash it after each use, dry it in the shade so that it does not lose color, and do not use too much fabric softener (it reduces its absorption capacity) If it is stained with cream, you can use special active oxygen for color, so the stains will come out easily. You can also use a little ammonia.

And, use them as you use them, enjoy them. Not only in summer, although it is undoubtedly its star time.

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